Friday, June 23, 2006

CHB Fight

A little off-day fun: Bruce Allen of Boston Sports Media Watch is running a “Think You Can Be Shaughnessy?” contest, giving anyone out there in Red Sox Nation with an ounce of writing talent the opportunity to preempt our favorite revisionist mudslinger in his anticipated “welcome back Pedro” article when the Mets come to Boston next week.  Basically, Bruce wants to see if you can out-Shaughnessy Shaughnessy: pull out his favorite clichés and references, either bash Pedro for leaving or the fans and the front office for letting him go, etc.  Boston Sports Media Watch will publish the results, even if Shaughnessy surprises all of us and doesn’t publish a Pedro article and the winner will get a to-be-determined prize.  The contest ends on Monday, so if you’re in the mood to compete, get cracking.  I have a feeling you won’t see my name amongst the contestants (although you probably will see a post on this blog talking about Pedro returning to Boston), but if any of you all do enter, good luck!  Beckett versus the Phils tonight…GO SOX!!!