Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Game 68: 5 reasons the Red Sox and I love the NL

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 6, Washington Nationals 3

1. Interleague play is a gift from above.
Yeah, I hate how it cheapens the World Series and I may be whistling a different tune when the Mets are in town, but you gotta love the 4 game win streak Boston has with the NL. Where would the Nationals (or the Braves for that matter) be in the AL East? I’d give Tampa a 4 game lead over either. And while the Sox ride high with a 6-1 record vs the NL, our AL competitors aren’t are as fortunate. The Yankees are 2-5 and Toronto is 0-6. Good Times.

2. NL batters boost pitcher confidence.
Kyle Snyder? Who the hell is that? I expected a 13 run 1st inning that would be capped off by Theo locking him out of the clubhouse. But he looked pretty good through 5 innings in his first start in a Sox uniform (and most likely last... he's a born long reliever). The 3 K’s on Soriano almost made him look like a major league pitcher. Even the notorious bullpen looked steadfast against the Nats bats. Lopez, Seanez and Timlin all had scoreless innings. And to think I was worried about Paps' night off.

3. You get to see old friends on those NL teams.
First Mike Remlinger and Renteria, now Damian Jackson and Mike Stanton. Nothing says fan interest more than, “You sucked in ’96 Stanton!” coming from the stands in Fenway. Ahhh memories.

4. The NL is used to the pitcher batting 9th.
Sure this is a detriment when the Sox play in NL parks, but in Fenway it’s hilarious watching a pinch hitter or utility infielder start as DH. When you’re only getting 100 at-bats a season or are usually a defensive sub, it’s a safe bet you aren’t going to be in same class as Thomas, Thome or Ortiz. Also, that “instant out” at the bottom of the order isn’t there, so pitchers have to work that much harder. Sorry Arroyo, but your ERA would be upwards of 6 in the AL this year (I keep telling myself this so I feel better).

5. J.T. Snow might have another place to play this year.
Speaking of defensive subs, isn’t there a team in the NL that needs a defensive 1st baseman? Couldn’t the Marlins or Pirates use a crafty infield vet like the recently DFA’ed Snow? The Sox still control his contract for 10 days… how about a bucket of balls? Any takers?

Tomorrow it’s slumping Livan Hernandez vs Wake. Lets score him some runs this time.