Thursday, June 22, 2006

Game 70: The Future is Now

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 9, Washington Nationals 3

This is how Lester gets to his starts

Sure it was only a NL team. Sure it was only the Nationals. And sure it was only for 6 innings… but Jon Lester gave one of the best performances from a Sox pitcher I've seen this year. The pitcher of the future struck out 10 and only allowed one run in the process of sweeping the Nats. He showed poise, control and a willingness to step up and take a spot that has filled by Clement, Pauley and Wells. The elusive 4th starter spot on the Sox roster is officially his. I am so excited for the future of this staff: Beckett, Lester, Papelbon and Hansen as the closer. Everyone else should be worrying about their jobs…. Clement and Wells I am looking at you, DL or not.

This kid is for REAL and it is about time he saw some action in the big club. Some detractors gave Les (not sold on the nickname… he needs some help with this) and the front office some flack for “babying” him. Lester didn’t get the baptism of fire Papelbon got in 2005. Lester was eased into the majors, much to the angst of some fans. Rumor was that he didn’t have the confidence and mound presence needed in this roll. Now this is all history. Now Lester is the flavor of the month (sorta, Papelbon is still the Cherry Sour-Patch Kid, Lester is Orange) and will probably get more press than the typical 16 to 24 year old harlot/starlets are used to. And it’s all deserved.

Meanwhile, the Sox offence showed up again (Papi Grand Salami), the bullpen is still shaky (Seanez and Tevarez gave up runs), Foulke is going to need more DL time than anticipated, they picked up former Indian pitcher Jason Johnson (who?) and former player Paxton Crawford was a juicer (who cares).

So that’s 6 in a row… 2 NL sweeps and Philly is in town on Friday. Lets make it 9.