Friday, June 09, 2006

Game 57: All Apologies

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 9, New York Yankees 3

"I take it back guys... well some of it."

Sometimes you say things you don’t mean. Well, sometimes you say things you DO mean but later take them back when you have a clearer head (or when you are proven wrong). Tonight was one of those times when I was… I guess you would call it “harsh” when describing the Red Sox bats before the 6th inning.

Some examples of descriptive words and phrases I used:

Over reaching
Mind numbing
Injured looking
Bench worthy
*expletive deleted* those *expletive deleted* and their mothers
Not very clutch

But can you blame me? This week has been brutal! The drubbing I attended on Monday, the squeaker that made me crazy on Tuesday and the pain of the rain on the plain on Wednesday. I was at my wits end. With Schilling looking pretty sharp (amazing night except the 3 homeruns) over 8 innings, my full attention was turned to this ^pick from the list above^ offence.

I mean it was freaking Jaret Wright and they STILL managed to leave 10 men on base. You look out in the stands and you can see the Yankee fans wondering when he was going to totally break down. Luckily he did just that in the 6th. He left with the bases loaded and no outs and then the wheels really came off for the Yankees… and by wheels coming off I mean an in-depth look into their bullpen.

By now I almost feel bad for Scott Proctor (not really, but stick with this for the effect). He has already pitched 40+ innings in 29 games and is getting that “If I don’t get some help here, I just might die” look in his eyes. Sturtze is gone, Dotel isn’t back yet, Small’s deal with the devil has expired, Myers is for lefties only, Erickson is Seanez in pinstripes, Villone is a nobody, who the hell is Matt Smith, Farnsworth is hit (single) or miss (homerun) and Rivera isn’t as automatic as he once was (and even if he is, you still have to get there). Now I know the Sox have some big “question marks” in the pen too (somewhere Keith Foulke thought he just heard his name), but the Yankees cannot be satisfied with that crew I just listed. Even with all the injured players in the lineup, that bullpen is still their biggest weakness.

Tonight that weakness was exploited. From the moment Wright left (to be fair he was about to get rocked) the game was over. The highlights of the Sox offensive production were Tek with a slump busting 3 run bomb, Gonzo with 2 amazingly long at-bats and a double, Coco trying to shake my distain for his leadoff role with RBI’s and then Manny being Manny. Schilling (again,
an amazing night) and Paps (he needed the work) solidified the pitching side and that (as they say) was that. Sweep avoided, season series tied at 5 a piece and only a half game back. A big win I can live with (despite my earlier criticism involving certain hitters and their mothers).

Tex and Wake in the Fens on Fri. GO SOX!