Thursday, July 12, 2007

Game 88: Thank God Baseball is Back… Cause the All-Star Break Sucks

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 7, Toronto Blue Jays 4

This is the worst week of the season. The only national sport being played is baseball and they take a week off in the middle of the season to blow their own horn. This is a showcase for players that would much rather be hanging out with their families or nursing sore hamstrings. The Home Run derby is an even BIGGER waste of time especially this yeah cause nobody could hit a homerun with the shadows and the park setup. Good job to all you morons that froze your ass or burned your face off while sitting in McCovey Cove waiting for a HR ball that would never come. I’m looking at you Eric Byrnes. Screw you and your goddamn bulldog. Your parents must be proud.

Ok enough vitriol. The season has restarted and we have the second place Toronto Blue Jays and their ace Doc Halladay vs Wake… again. Why must the torture of the innocent knuckleball thrower continue?

Wake didn’t have his best stuff tonight, he gave up a run early and the long ball was prominently involved in the 5th and 6th innings, but none of that mattered thanks to the Sox offence.

Yep that’s right! The Sox had an extended Halladay (oh get it? It’s a joke about the break AND his name! Amazingly clever!) and took the bluebirds to task early and often. Manny and Ortiz had a combined 5 hits, 3 runs and 5 RBI. That’s the “O” we needed from the middle of the lineup. I really hope now is the time for Manny to break loose of his slump and knees of Ortiz to NOT break loose so we can score runs like this every game. Lugo even got two hits and his average above .200! Shock and awe!

It seems as long as the Red Sox are playing the AL East they look like mighty titans whipping the hapless villagers… but against any team in the top two of the Central or West and they fall apart like a Swedish armoire. Is it too much to hope that the Red Sox face the Blue Jays, Orioles and Devil Rays in the playoffs?