Monday, July 16, 2007

Game 91: Charter Member of the Run Support Group

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 1, Toronto Blue Jays 2
Is there some support group I can go to? Someplace I can stand up and say:

“Hi. My name is Robin… and my team isn’t as good as they should be.”


Yeah it’s that bad. 11 hits and only one run? The double plays were killer, the out at home was killer (Ortiz both times? I cringe) and the men LOB was killer killer.

This was an abomination. The Sox wasted a great Beckett performance (8 innings, 8K, 2 ER) and to who? Jesse Litsch? Who the hell is that? This guy is going to be rotating TIRES in a few weeks while the Sox are going to be attempting a playoff run. It’s the clutch hits people. The “close and late” situations that this team used to excel in are now the anchor around our neck.

Now I want to know WHY this has become such an issue. I know Papi has the knee issue (it’s a torn meniscus in his knee that his causing the power outage) but it wasn’t JUST him carrying the Sox past the 8th inning was it? Where are the clutch hits from the other guys? Lowell? Youk? Manny? Anybody wanna get a late inning RBI? Am I crazy for even ASKING this of you guys?