Saturday, July 05, 2008

Game 89: Return to Normality

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 6, New York Yankees 4

So that was a bit closer to normal, if normal means weird plays like this one, where wall-friendly center fielders almost make the catch that ends an inning and kills a rally, but instead discover the painful things that happen when wrist meets padded wall top. Ball drops out, hangs on the wall, Johnny falls down, and Kevin ends up on third with two runs scored. Watch the video and you'll see the madness, if you haven't already.

What makes this play part of "normality" is that - ignoring the possibility of further changes as situations evolved - if Damon holds on to that fly ball, Game 89 could still be going. All those who enjoy getting a full night's sleep should be grateful.

Seriously though: when we talk about the sort of games Boston and New York should play against each other, isn't a game whose results hinge on one play - on one bundle of nerves, fighting to keep from twitching in the face of massive pressure - the type of game we're thinking of? Not too bad: two days into the series, and we're back to the point where these games get exciting. Not that I'm looking for anything but a sweep, here. Let's just make that clear.