Saturday, July 19, 2008

Game 98: Playoff Atmosphere?

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 3, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 11
Don't look now, but I think Buchholz, Aardsma, and Lopez were a little less than effective last night. Actually, that's not fair: Aardsma hadn't pitched in seven days and he came into the game with men on first and second looking for the out to end the fifth inning. Giving up a walk and hit, especially in the scheme of things with the Angels scoring runs left, right, and sideways? That's small potatoes.

Last night was a warmup; it was a return to tough working conditions (best team in the AL West, game on the west coast) after an extended break, a time to get back into form with only a team workout to prepare. Sure, the Sox blew the chance mightily, but it's not a time to fret. Just get mad, and get even. The Angels announcers kept calling it a playoff atmosphere last night; let's get one of the best playoff pitchers of the Wild Card era on the mound and make that playoff atmosphere a reality. Let's beat the Angels but good.