Thursday, July 17, 2008

Murray Chass Reforms Metaphysics, Creates New Equations

I have a post upcoming for you from Yankee Mike and his All-Star Game experience, but first, this little tidbit: those of you who read about sports things on the Internets are no doubt aware of Murray Chass and his new blog. You might even know that his blog is breaking new metaphysical ground by declaring it is not a blog, because Murray Chass hates blogs. Sounds like a classic case of self-loathing to me...

Anyway, while I heard the news yesterday via Deadspin, I refrained from visiting the site until after the guys at Fire Joe Morgan took their crack at Chass, his blog hating ways, and the fact that he thinks any of those "new fangled" stats (i.e., the ones that make a more scientific attempt at explaining the game) are stupid. Then I visited his description page, and discovered a new wrinkle: not only are bloggers stupid, but Red Sox fans are stupid, leading to the following equation: Red Sox fan + blogger = really stupid, where Red Sox fans = stupid and bloggers = stupid. In other words, you're all idiots for being Red Sox fans, and I'm an even bigger idiot for being a Red Sox fan and a blogger. Now, aren't you glad you know?