Thursday, August 10, 2006

Game 112: Make it Stop!!! Make it Stop!!!

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 4, Kansas City Royals 5

How? How can these crimson hose wearing slump jobs not take apart the worst team in the AL? I hate HATE hate must win games against crap clubs, but I LOTHE losing must win games against teams like TB and KC. This is ridiculous. Exactly zero clutch hits (unless you count the “clutch” double plays) and a bullpen that looks about as bombed out a Lebanon right now (to soon?).

Beckett started strong with 3 perfect innings… and the offence looked just as hot! Manny is in the midst of a 24 game hitting streak that was continued with a 2 run bomb in the first, then Javy Lopez had a big 2 RBI double. 4-0 and that should be safe… whew!

Yeah, whatever… not with the way things have been going lately. Beckett came apart just as the bats stopped working. A three run 4th (Javy being a sieve didn’t help) and suddenly one bad pitch and it’s a tie game… for 5 innings. That’s right. Base runners (sometimes 3 of them) in every inning and no insurance. Nada… zip… zilch. Delcarman and Timlin get through (by the skin of their teeth) and we go into the 9th.

So here comes Papelbon… who…



It’s a hate crime! That’s what it is. It’s putting small kittens in the parking lot and running them over with semi trucks. It’s beached Whales being covered in napalm and lit up like roman candles. It’s children being told that Santa Clause is just drunk Uncle Ernie and the Easter bunny is rabid and needs to be put down.

This team is freaking D U N = DONE!

I am not apologizing for this one. They don’t have it. 4 in a row against the 2 worst teams ever to put on a jock and a glove and say “Oh I think I’ll play some baseball!” How can they beat a team with a record OVER .400 if they cant beat these festering SINGLE A piles of washed up crap?

Francona (if he is still in the continental United States) needs to walk into the clubhouse with cheese grater and a lemon and deliver an ultimatum:

“Win some f-ing games or I grind citrus into your open flesh, you living dead looking motherf-ers.”

Or maybe that’s just what I would do. I think the Red Sox are making me crazy.