Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Game 105: The Bad, The Worse, and the Ugly

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 3, Cleveland Indians 6

"God is on our side because he hates the Yanks!"
"God is not on our side because he hates idiots also."

Let’s take it from the top. Jason “why the hell am I starting” Johnson was the best he has ever been. The problem is that 5 2/3 innings and 3 runs isn’t really that good when you compare it to Sabathia’s 8 innings and one lousy run (Loretta HR) performance. Also, the bullpen and defense (remember our strengths?) weren’t able to keep us in it either. Basically it was a pooch screw without the pooch. The suddenly awful Hansen and Corey (who?) were just as much to blame as Johnson… naw who am I kidding? I’m gonna heap it all on Johnson!! Come on, It’s fun!

As quiet as the Sox bats were, they did manage to threaten in the 9th with a Gonzo blast, but it was all for naught. Even the terrible Cleveland bullpen (they make Tavarez and Seanez look like all-stars) wasn’t able to get us back in this one. But hold on… that’s just the bad news.

The Yankees were able to hold the Blue Jays to one run and tie us for the lead of the AL East (actually .002 percentage points behind the Yanks). Yeah, life really sucks, but don’t worry… it gets worse.

Our captain, your captain, my captain… THE Jason Varitek is going to have surgery on that dilapidated knee of his. Is he done for the season, or just out 3-4 weeks? Not sure but both scenarios suck. With Nixon out, Wakefield hurt and the trade deadline past, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. Who wants to start the “I heart Ken Huckaby” jokes? Oh, I’m tenth in line? Damn.

This is the ankle grabbing part of the season. Do we end up in second place with the wild card (or more likely out of the playoffs) or do we muscle through and win the division for the first time in more years than Papelbon, Lester, Hansen and Delcarman have been driving? Right now it’s anybody’s guess… but it doesn’t look good.

Lester… can you save us from this misery? We’ll see. Go Sox.