Saturday, August 26, 2006

Game 128: Right back off track

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 0, Seattle Mariners 6

Don’t they know how the hell we are? No runs? NO RUNS?!?! Not one lousy run crossed the plate yet they got 6 (5 off Schilling) and had nothing but smiles and apologizes!! The Mariners! Don’t they know what these games mean to the Sox? Don’t they know they are double digits back of the division lead and the wild card? Don’t they know how to “roll over” and let some team that is on the bubble (the Red Sox) make it in on their normal incompetence?

See, that’s just inconsiderate. It’s not nice to play the spoiler.

The offence was just bad. Real bad. I love Wily Mo (who may be hurt too), but he is a poor replacement for Manny when it comes to protecting Papi in the lineup. I guess that’s why he had heart trouble… he couldn’t stand to see his buddy not waiting on deck (calm down, Ortiz is fine or I wouldn’t be joking about this).

So Manny is gonna come back for game 2 (as DH with Ortiz at first?) and Boomer will be there to welcome him with a cheesecake, some Chinese food, a 6 pack of Shlitz and some road-rage. Oh and MAYBE a good pitching performance. Let’s hope the bats can keep up.

This racecar of a season is out of control and sliding into the guardrail. Can they PLEASE string some wins together and stop fishtailing into September? Is that too much to ask? GO SOX.