Sunday, August 27, 2006

Game 130: Did You Know?

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 3, Seattle Mariners 6

Did you know that Dustin Pedroia is all of five feet and nine inches (small enough for baseball anyway), but for some reason the Seattle TV announcers seem to think that he’s actually a miniscule five feet, five inches? Has there ever been a 5’ 5” baseball player? How about in the past 100 years?

Did you know the Red Sox offense is slumping right now? Of course, when half the team is hurt and you have to field a team that has Ortiz, Youkilis, Lowell and Hinske (in that order) as the heart of your lineup, it’s likely you’re not going to get many hits, or capitalize on five walks. Things are so bad with the hitting right now that the Sox scored a run (off an error) before they got a hit off of the starter Baek.

Did you know that my dislike for Javy Lopez grows every time I watch him play? Look, buddy, I know defense is not your forte. Sure, the Front Office jumped on an opportunity to grab a veteran catcher for a low cost in a time of need, but the idea is that you’d contribute some pop with the bat somewhere at the level of your .288 career BA. Instead, you’re flirting with the Mendoza Line and your OPS…well, we’ll not talk about that in polite company. When’s Tek coming back again?

Did you know that the Red Sox are now 6.5 games out of the AL East and 5.5 games out of the Wild Card? Actually, that’s not as upsetting as the realization that half of the past six series have resulted in Red Sox sweeps, including two zero-wins versus cellar teams. With an 8 and 18 record so far, this August has to be up there as one of the worst months ever for the Sox. Edit: I have the answer on this one: the Sox lost 22 games in one month in 1985. Things could be worse...but only if the Sox don't get swept out of Oakland. I know I was the voice of optimism about a week ago about making a come back in the last weeks of the season, but man, it’s tough to keep your head up about things right now.

Did you know that the Sox finish up their final trip to the West Coast of 2006 with a three game series against the division-leading Oakland Athletics? Did you know that I’m looking forward to these games about as much as I would be to a sharp stick in the eye? Kason Gabbard starts things out against Esteban Loiza with another ungodly 10:05 PM start. Come on, boys, prove me wrong. GO SOX!!!