Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Game 118: Laugh and Cry

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 2, Detroit Tigers 3
What started as a giggle and smile fest ended in tragedy. That has been happening a lot lately but never this pronounced. Schilling (and the defense backing him) was NAILS for 6 but Bonderman was just as good. If not for a Coco solo shot in the 3rd this would have been 0-0 till late. Then things started to get weird.

On the NESN and WEEI broadcast Denis Leary and Lenny Clark were present as co-broadcasters so they could plug the Leary Firefighters Foundation (awesome cause), but also so they could comment on the game and the players. Some highlights (and I paraphrase heavily).

-A-Rod: Heard he has trouble at home IF you know what I mean. At least that's the rumor they're starting.

-Manny: He has an extensive magazine rack in the Green Monster, for between innings/pitches.

-Youkilis: Is he Greek? He’s Jewish?!?!?! TAKE THAT MEL GIBSON!!!

-Placido Polanco: Didn’t like the “cut of his jib”. Should call himself Perry Perry.

-Dmitri Young: Shave the beard you’re scaring children.

-Magglio Ordonez: He had a “Sports Hernia”? You can get a hernia just trying to say his name!

-And what’s the name of the new catcher the Sox got? Havey? Whoovey?

It was hysterical and it was made even funnier watching Jerry Remy doubled over trying to not to die on live TV. Too bad it went down hill from there.

Schilling fell off in the 7th. After 2 singles he gave up a 2 run double to Casey… and then struck out the side. After Coco legs out an infield hit in the 8th and Loretta moves him over, Papi comes to the plate and Jim Leyland has Ledezma pitch to him. This prompts a frantic phone call from Mike to tell me that Leyland is psychotic and obviously doesn’t look at stats. He was right cause Papi comes up big with a game tying single.

With Timlin in to hold the tie, he gets runners on the corners and one out. A popup to shallow right and… Wily Mo drops the ball. Nut sack. Then the “immortal” Todd Jones easily finishes the Sox off in the ninth complete with a Wily Mo strikeout looking to end it. Smiles turn to tears.

So we are down to “Big Fat” Wells vs “Hot Rookie Stud” Verlander who is trying to sweep the Sox right before NY comes to town. Not too confident in this one… so excuse my lack of exuberance. But Go Sox anyway