Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Game 125: Drinking with Hank Williams

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 3, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 4

Irony upon ironies, the BM in Beantown is followed by the dreaded “West Coast trip”. Not even enough time for your depression to set in. This one followed suit like the 5 before it. Kyle Snyder pitched just well enough to lose, the bats failed to show up when it mattered (10 left on base and only one earned run… thanks for making it close Figgins) and Gabbard out of the bullpen couldn’t hold the tie. Papi gets the IBB with Coco on in the 9th (nice steal moron) and Youk can't come through.

Same old, same old. Only thing different (worse in fact) was the line up. They had Kapler in for a hurt/resting Manny and Dustin Pedroia (MLB debut… I like him) in for the DL’ed Gonzo. Another in a line of bad losses and the late game to boot. Now I’m tired and upset, but it reminds me of a song:

What's the use to deny we've been living a lie that we should have admitted before
We were just victims of a half hearted love so why should we try anymore
The vows that we make are only to break we drift like a wave from the shore
The kisses we steal we know are not real so why should we try anymore
The dreams that we knew can never come true they're gone to return no more
False love like ours fades with the flowers so why should we try anymore
Our story so old again has been told on the past let's close the door
And smile don't regret but live and forget there's no use to try anymore

Too bad ‘ol Hank is deader than most of the bullpen arms. He might have been a serviceable 5th starter. Lester vs Escobar up next. I’d say GO SOX… but I'm afriad where they'll go.