Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Game 119: Big Game Hunters

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 6, Detroit Tigers 4

I knew Wells could be “the stopper” when he goes down a waterslide or tries to fit into a Mini Cooper, but I was shocked to see him in that roll in a pitching sense. To be honest it almost didn’t happen. After a solid 5 innings, he gave up a quick 3 runs in the 6th putting the Sox behind. But the bats awakened from their slumber and fought back to get the “lefty gourmand” his second win of his injury shortened season. I know they swept last series, but it feels like it’s been weeks since a good win.

Ortiz hit his 42nd HR (it’s been a while) and knocked in a pair to give the Sox the lead in the 5th and Coco hit a bases loaded double that scored 2 for the final lead (it should have been 3 but Cora got gunned down at home).

Hansen had a solid inning and a third and Paps had a one, two, three no doubter to finish it up and get his 32nd save. Timely hitting? Perfect bullpen? A starter that goes 6+? What team is this and what have you done with my underachieving Red Sox?

Thursday is an off day, so everyone take a big rest before the *gulp* FIVE GAME SERIES against the Yankees. Now I know I have already put a fork in the Sox playoff hopes (twice I think), but these games will really determine if they even have an outside shot. Win at least 3 and the life support stays on. Any less than that and they are in cold storage with Ted Williams head.

Guest column Friday morning and then the fireworks start in Fenway. GO SOX.

Is it really late and am I kinda drunk or did the Sox just get Eric Hinske? Oh, both! Cool.