Monday, July 31, 2006

Game 102-104: The Skinny and the Fat

Final Scores:

Boston Red Sox 7, Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim 6
Boston Red Sox 4, Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim 10
Boston Red Sox, 9 Cleveland Indians 8

The Sox make a great comeback after a rough Beckett start. Ortiz had a late homerun and was also the extra inning hero (who else? More on him later) so the Sox steal one from the Angels. I caught this one in the form of highlights because I was at Eric’s rehearsal dinner trying not to drink too much and eat/do/say something embarrassing. I had limited success.

Sunday: It was the national broadcast on ESPN so everyone got to see Schilling get whooped. It should have been closer, but the bullpen wasn't much better (Van Buren pitched himself back to the minors). Trot hurt himself (15 Day DL) with a wicked cut that managed to mess hip his bicep but not hit the ball. Wily Mo came in mid at-bat and promptly struck out… such was the tone of the game. I was able to see some of this one from the bar we congregated at after the wedding. I had a great time (it was a beautiful day and a mind-blowingly happy one for my blog partner and his bride) but I think the free flowing alcohol and poor play of the Sox made me an early victim of Bacchus. The “never sleep in your shoes” rule was violated. Whee.

Monday: One very hungover train ride later and I am listing to the trade deadline news rise with great fury only to be left with nothing. The Sox big move? Fat Dl’ed David Wells traded for Fat Crappy David Wells (8 runs 4 2/3 innings). That freaking lardo! This is what Theo and co. think is going to push us into the postseason? A guy who could body double for the Michelin Man? Paul Byrd wasn’t much better because both teams were beating up the starters this night. Manny and Ortiz went deep and Wily Mo was a double shy of the cycle. Then the bullpens put the kybosh on EVERYTHING. Davis and Betancourt were lights out for Cleveland and Kyle Snyder was a relief ace taking his normally good first four innings at the end of the game. He looked AWSOME (4 1/3 innings, 1 hit, 6 Ks) and probably should have had the start. With the Sox down 2 and Tek injured (please just be minor) this looked like it was going to be my second fit of nausea and big headache of the day.

Then in the 9th the Indians put in the current body that they are using as a closer who quickly gives up a single to Cora, a walk to Youk and pops Loretta up. 2 on, 1 out, Ortiz up. Everyone knows what happens next.

And it’s déjà vu. How does he do it every time? Is it magic? Is it clutch? Is it something more that we haven’t been able to put our finger on? I think Papi is beyond all of this. He just IS… and the rest of us just stare and smile.

Next up is C.C. Sabathia vs whoever we call up to take Snyder’s spot. JJ? Pauley? That other guy? Who knows. My father and brother will be in attendance for this one so maybe I will get some neat firsthand reports. Or at least an emotional and garbled voicemail. GO SOX.