Saturday, July 22, 2006

Game 95: West Coast Offense Story

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 9, Seattle Mariners 4

It’s a little more exciting than Jets vs Sharks

Let me just start this by saying that I HATE west coast road games. Forget the fact that the travel is hard on the team and that the AL west always plays the Sox tough… I just hate how LATE the games go. It’s really hard on us fans trying to see the games. How can I stay up till 2 in the morning for a week? I have a life people (ok not really, but I just felt like being dramatic).

Now that that’s out of my system… I would like to extend a BIG thank you to Jamie Moyer. I was worried that the weakened Sox bats would crumble after the coastal change, but Moyer pitched a mean BP and helped ease the transition. Ortiz, Gonzo, Tek, Youk and Manny all took the aged starter deep. That geriatric hump got smacked for 7 earned and did it UGLY. Thanks Moyer… now go back to your strained peas and Matlock.

As for Boston’s starter, well Snyder did what he always does: looked great through 4 and started to fade in the 5th. Wild pitches and errors didn’t help him, but he managed to go 5 allowing only 2 runs (both unearned). He left with what LOOKED like a calf cramp (please just be a cramp) and got the win. Good for him. If he stays healthy I think we are going to see a lot more of him over the next few months… I wish that was a good thing.

Anyway, next up is future pitching star Felix Hernandez vs… ummm… hey! Let’s play a game. See if you can pick the Red Sox starter out of this list of names. Good luck!

Kay Gabby
Karen Goddard
Kason Gabbard
Jason Gabbo
Cool Papa Bell
Gabby Hays

Tough huh? Give up? Well it’s AA stud Kason Gabbard and lets just say I am not too excited about this predicament. What I am happy about is the 5 game winning streak, the 3 ½ game lead over the Yankees and the second best record in baseball. Let’s keep doing those things.