Sunday, July 09, 2006

Game 86: Epic

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 5, Chicago White Sox 6

“You want it all but you can’t have it. It’s in your face but you can’t grab it”
- Faith No More, “Epic”

Such words might describe the feelings of Jonathan Papelbon and Mike Timlin tonight after today’s heart breaking loss. It might also describe Robin’s mental state after watching this nineteen-inning epic; he called me after Papelbon blew what turned out to be the most important save attempt of the year and I’m pretty sure he had blown a mental circuit. But really, after nineteen innings, I was ready for an ending, any ending. After all, epic battle or not, today was just the last game before the All-Star Break, not something really important.

So, post-mortem:
  • Schilling: very awesome through five innings, fell off a bit in the sixth – might have something to do with getting hit off the shoulder by a Jim Thome line drive.

  • Contreras: should have gotten his first loss of a year, especially after the (Red) Sox scored a run in the first and Schilling decided he was bringing some bad ass to the mound.

  • Papelbon: No words against the Papal-Bon, but ouch, man, ouch. I think I heard Robin swear a blood oath to shoot down Jermaine Dye where he stands, but it might have been the blood pounding in my ears.

  • Timlin: Don’t get me started. I’m just going to pretend this appearance and the blown save that went with it didn’t happen.

  • Tavarez: Four innings of one hit baseball when it really mattered? Holy crap! Can we have this guy for the rest of the year, please? Pretty please?

  • Seanez versus Politte: In the battle between the reliever with the 4.86 ERA and the reliever with the 8.04 ERA, you’d expect the guy with the lower ERA to come out on top. Of course, the guy with the lower ERA was Rudy Seanez (yeah, I was surprised, too), so we should be grateful for the two innings of scoreless pitching we got from him and wonder what happened to the bats during the second half of the ball game.
Ok, no sweep. And it’s the All-Star Break, so no real baseball for a few days. However, fear not: we’ve got something planned for you every day during the break, so make sure to check back regularly. GO A.L.!!!