Saturday, July 08, 2006

Games 84 and 85: You're Only In Trouble If You Get Caught

Final Scores:

Boston Red Sox 7, Chicago White Sox 2
Boston Red Sox 9, Chicago White Sox 6

On Friday, Lester never really got caught. It looked like trouble (a few times) but Lester is a slippery devil. He’s the Roadrunner, he’s the invisible man, he’s freaking Houdini. Bases loaded and he escapes (almost) unscratched. He was hurting himself (walks walks walks) but he was saving himself too. Somebody check his glove for lock picks.

He had accomplices too. Ortiz (more on him later), Lowell and Coco put up some deep flies to put this one out of reach. Also, good work from the pen (MDC, Timlin and Tavarez) to make this one official.

Saturday was a bit more interesting. Beckett never… and I mean NEVER looked good in this game. We would get a lead, he would lose it. We would get it again, he would lose it again. The back and forth was brutal. When he came out to start the 7th (after Boston had just claimed a 3 run lead) I was in a state of shock. Was Francona awake? Didn’t he see how ineffective Beckett had been? What kind of moron rests his bullpen right before the all-star break? I was SCREAMING MAD.

And then Beckett loaded the bases without getting an out.

I just about lost my mind. With Thome, Konerko and Dye coming up I thought we were in for maybe a 6 run inning at BEST. Then Lopez struck out Thome, and Hansen got Konerko and Dye with Beckett whooping and cheering from the dugout. He was like the little kid who used permanent markers all over mommy’s new white dress… and then blamed it on the dog… AND SHE BOUGHT IT! Better yet, she got him ice cream for being such a good boy! Then Paps comes in a shuts the whole place down quick, like he has somewhere to go. Oh wait, he does… Pittsburg and the All-Star game… right.

Anyway, as unbelievable as Beckett getting a WIN for that game was, it is FAR from the most jaw-dropping thing that has happened over the last few games. That feat belongs to Mr. David Ortiz, who has been a man on fire. Papi has 8 HR in 8 games (that's 27 Abs) and his 31 homers not only lead all of MLB, but also break the Red Sox record for dingers hit before the all-star break (Yaz had 29 in 1967 when he won the triple crown). I have no idea where the ceiling is for this guy. If he has a .300/60/180 year I won’t be surprised in the least.

Tomorrow Schilling takes the mound against The Immortal Communist: Jose Contreras. After the Tampa Bay disaster I would have been happy with 1 win from this series. Now I am thinking of a word that rhymes with “creep”.