Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Game 99: The Weary Rest, the Strong Sleep Confidently

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 13, Oakland Athletics 5

What the hell is a safe lead now-a-days? First, the Sox kick the crap out of A’s rookie pitcher Jason Windsor. Manny and Nixon go deep and they’re up 6-1. Now you figure you can put the kids to bed. You got work tomorrow? Never fear! Schilling has a 5 run lead so you can get your beauty rest and feel fresh for that morning meeting. Whew.

BUT NO. Nothing can be easy. We have to wade through a VERY mediocre Schilling performance (6 innings, 4 earned, 105 pitches, 13th win) while the bats just seemed to quit after being so hot. Would it KILL a Sox starter to go more than 6 innings against anyone besides the Royals? Delcarman gives one back in the 7th (where did his control go?) and now it’s a one run game! This is really a nightmare to anyone with a sleep disorder. Can anything end this madness?

You better believe it. In the 8th everything seemed to change. Oakland relievers Duchscherer and Halsey pitched like they put big money on the Sox (and picked the over). All the hits went through, everything dropped in, and every batter looked like a giant. To give Oakland some credit, the umpire was inconsistent (screw that… he was bad) and the walks really hurt them. Highlights of that inning was the base clearing double by Tek, followed by Ortiz, Manny and Nixon crossing the plate within 3 feet from each other, and then seeing eye singles from Lowell, Crisp and Youk. 6 runs and an ear to ear smile from me. Thank you… I needed that. The game is now ready for some ZZ Flop (the new moniker for Julian and Rudy). Now can we speed this up so I can get some shut eye?

Yeah right. After Tavarez got into and out of a jam in the 8th (a nice DP), Scott Sauerbeck can’t get a ball over the plate and loads them without getting an out in the 9th. One injury delay and pitching change later and we are looking at the sixth Oakland pitcher today. Another sac fly… another run… can we call the mercy rule now? I guess so! Cue Seanez and sweet mother mercy.

So later today (yawn) is the final and the chance for the sweep. Snyder vs Haren and I hope they can get to Haren early... because that pen is severely depleted. Bring the brooms. Now for the sleep of the victorious.