Monday, April 14, 2008

Game 14: The First “How Did We Win That Game?!?!” Of The Year

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 6, Cleveland Indians 4

I’ll give one thing to Jon Lester: He has balls (usually four per batter). I mean he is as inaccurate as I have seen from a pitcher. He has good stuff, but can almost NEVER get it over the plate. It is excruciating how he labors with every batter and it makes every start a white knuckled affair for any Sox fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy and his story as a cancer survivor is amazing, but sometimes I wonder if I am gonna survive him.

So even though the Sox got the early lead on a cold Cleveland night, Westbrook looked good and kept them to one run while Lester fell apart in the 4th and 5th. It looked grim.

Then in steps Tavarez. Yes JT Killer was a strikeout machine and kept it close for the remainder. He was a baby stomping scarefaced monster… only in a good way. It’s kinda hard to describe. Timlin looked good too (bout time) and kept the game in reach.

So down by 1 in the 9th (after a big fly from Youk) Tribe closer Borowski comes in to lead Cleveland to a one run victory. At least that’s what I figured. Isn’t it too early in the season for late inning drama? Shouldn’t we get settled into summer before the heroics grip us again? Hmmmm… maybe not…

After Lugo (big double), Coco (sac bunt) and Pedroia (sac fly) get the run across to tie it, Big Papi steps in and hits a TALL bloop the opposite way… and I couldn’t be more happy. The second hit of the night for the big guy who got a weird ceremony before the game from the rest of the team. It seems to have worked cause Ortiz was taking some very good swings….almost as good as Manny’s last swing. The Bad Man Manny deposited his 493rd homerun in the Cleveland stands to give the Sox a hefty 2 run lead.

Cue Papelbon (5th save), exit drama, enter the win. I love me a comeback victory. Now instead of being mad at Lester before I go to bed, I get to sleep well and worry about him tomorrow. Not too shabby.