Monday, April 14, 2008

Inside Your Head

Last week there was a funny news article about a Sox fan construction worker sealing a Red Sox shirt under foundation for the new Yankee Stadium.

We didn't make a big deal about it because:

a) I thought it was a joke

b) Honestly, it is really silly and who cares?

Well it looks like the Yankees cared. They went and dug that thing OUT. Through layers of concrete, the team that hasn't won since 2000 went digging in the new foundation to try and avoid a supposed Curse on their new home. Wow. Two World Championships for Beantown and the Yankees turn superstitious. I thought they were above these things. I thought they had Mystique and Aura and left Curses to losing franchises like the Sox and Cubs and other "lesser" teams.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. One little Ortiz jersey (who didn't even play on Sunday) can make you go digging like rover with a soup bone. Forget being in your foundation... the Red Sox are in your head...