Sunday, April 06, 2008

Game 7: Canada Blows

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 4, Toronto Blue Jays 7

Seriously, who gives a care about those ice eating, moose screwing, northerner bastards? The Sox get swept by the blue-birds of unhappiness and it hurts even MORE because we got the ACE back today… and what was he good for? NADA, NOTHING, ZIP!

Well Mr. Ace Beckett loaded the bases, and MDC unloaded them with one pitch (Ugly). Then when you include the batting problems (Hideous) it was just about what you would expect (Margaret Thatcher FUGLY).

Man… I am in shock here. This was supposed to be the gimme win and we are left with a solo shot from Jacoby (full on man crush), Tek (captain comes through), and J.D. Drew (total 180 from last year? LOVE IT)… and that’s it? Sigh… that’s nothing compared to Lugo’s 3 damn errors!

Look, I just want someone to tell me when I can freak out. 2 weeks? 4? A month? Just let me know when it isn’t too early to flip my lid. Let’s say I wait a week before I go into crazy “trade everyone cause they all suck” mode, but isn’t that going against the evidence? Overwhelming evidence like:

Starting pitching? Not there.
Relievers? Shaky and dwindling.
Bats? Not too hot yet.

If I was in CSI then the trendy music would already be blearing as I gaze at the bad guy from across the table. Cause I know that bastard is gulty.

But maybe it’s just the location. Maybe three countries in as many weeks is too much of a strain on any team. We will cross these bridges of dementia and bitterness after the first home stand. Come on final opening day… deep breaths.