Thursday, May 01, 2008

Game 30: The Good, The Bad and The Mediocre

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 0, Toronto Blue Jays 3

Another Thursday, another post from DC. His words follow:

The Good: The defense was top notch for both teams tonight. Both pitchers were helped out tremendously throughout the game as the guys in the field consistently pulled them out of jams. Together, the defenses turned 3 double plays and Coco saved a run by gunning down Eckstein at home. Each defensive effort included a spectacular, potentially game-saving play as well. For the Sox, Manny made a spectacular catch to end a bases loaded threat in the forth and keeping it a one run ball game. Unfortunately, the following inning, Aaron Hill dove to snag a line drive and double up a Sox runner which ended what turned out to be the Sox only real threat of the night.

The Bad: What is it with our offense?! No runs on 3 hits? 3 runs in an entire 3 game series against a division team? Somebody needs to remind these guys that the goal is to hit the little white ball with the stick of wood and then touch all 4 of the white squares spread throughout the field. That’s how you score runs. Seriously, the entire offense seems out of whack right now. There isn’t one guy who gives you that “Oh, he’s absolutely getting a hit here” feeling when he comes up to bat.

The Mediocre: The pitching tonight was bad on both sides. AJ Burnett wasn’t bad, surrendering only 3 hits in 7.2 innings, but he did manage to walk as many batters as he struck out. On the flip side, Wake didn’t have his sharpest outing and couldn’t get a single strikeout. However, he only allowed 3 runs on 6 hits and once again ate up 7 innings. Basically, Wake did his typical thing: scattered some hits, ate up some innings, kept his team in the game and got the loss due to a completely inept looking offense.