Sunday, May 18, 2008

Game 46: Can I Get a Witness? Beating the Weather with Big Bats

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 11, Milwaukee Brewers 7

I love going to Fenway. I love the air, the atmosphere and the food (mmm sausage and peppers). Most of all, I love a win (and in this case a sweep) when I get to watch from the bleacher. Just like heaven.

With ominous clouds and a healthy wind blowing out all game, I expected to see some power, but this was insane. Beckett did not have his best stuff. 6 hits (4 HRs) and 6 earned over 7 innings. He did have 9Ks but MAN it was not pretty. Ryan Braun had two MONSER monster shots and the Prince Fielder homer landed in the Brewers bullpen (right in front of us) hitting the back wall with a huge THUMP. I really really hope Beckett isn’t settling back into his long ball problem he had back in 2006.

Fortunately, the Sox hitters were hotter. Ortiz had 2 homers, Pedroia went deep and so did Youk. Sox had base runners all day and failed to score in only the 2nd and 8th innings. They were rolling from the beginning and didn’t stop until the score hit double digits. By the 8th inning the rain started to fall and we were hoping that things would hurry up. I assume that the Francona heard my grumblings and sent in Papelbon in a non save situation to nail down the sweep.

I besides the Beckett disaster, the other low point of this game was Jacoby Ellsbury. He did have a hit and 2 RBI… but his consecutive steal streak was broken. He got caught for the first time in his career snapping his 25 attempt streak. Oh well… all good things must come to an end.