Friday, May 23, 2008

Game 50: The Closest Blowout Ever

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 11, Kansas City Royals 8

You know what’s NOT supposed to happen? A save situation in a game were your team hits 2 GRAND SLAMS. When 2 gannys are hit… saves should go out the window. Looks like someone forgot to tell that to the Boston Red Sox. Not only did Papelbon get the save here, but he let the tying run step to the plate before he could close it out.

How did this happen? The Sox led by 8 in this game so isn’t that pretty much an assured victory? Well nothing is assured when the pitching sucks this bad.

Dice-K was one out away from going 6 innings, walked a small village of batters, but still managed to get his record to 8-0. The bullpen (besides Lopez) was God awful. Hansen proved he isn’t good from much of anything while Aardsma was just as bad. One of the worst relief performances ever by a winning team. Ick. Just don’t do it again. Ok?

As I said before, the bats were tremendous. Drew and Lowell both went deep with the bases jacked. Reminded me a lot of Bill Mueller when he got his two Grand Slams in a game in 2003. An amazing feat.

All in all, the Sox squeaked by and somehow they were able sweep the Royals and the home stand. Not too shabby. Now the Sox take their MLB leading record and zoom over to Oakland where the games start at an ungodly hour. Thanks timezone shift... now I'm gonna get less sleep than normal.