Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Game 54: Battle of the Bulk

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 5, Seattle Mariners 3

It’s no secret that the Red Sox have trouble playing on the road this year. Something about leaving Boston doesn’t seem to sit well with this team especially during the always dreadful west coast visit (see getting swept by the A’s for example). Another well known fact is the tradition of suck that has formed around Safeco Field. The Sox can’t win there and it defies all reason. The ONLY positive going into this series in Seattle is that this year the Mariners are awful and are stuck in a much worse funk then the Beantown crew. Hmmm, that might be enough…

The pitching match up in game one was two heavy weights (pun VERY much intended) Colon vs King Felix. These gargantuan gastropods matched each other pitch for pitch, out for out and bite for bite until Papi went deep in the 4th for the first run. Colon had trouble in the 5th and 6th innings but managed to pitch himself out of it with minimal damage. His line was a respectable 7 inning, 5H, 1ER, 1BB, 4K. Can’t complain about that when it comes from your morbidly overweight 5th starter. I will be damn near ecstatic if he can string together a few starts like these.

As for King Felix (who looks even bigger this year), well he looked pretty good until the 8th when the Sox offense finally sprang to life. After a weekend of dormancy, the bats awoke with a medium vengeance and dropped 4 big runs on Seattle. Pedroia’s 2 out RBI double got things started and the Sox finally got a crooked number on the board.

The rare road win is nice, but I remain a bit pessimistic. I hate playing in Seattle, I hate the west coast start times, I hate how AWFUL Papelbon looked (2 runs in the 9th) and I hate the fact that the lineup is still having such a hard time hitting. I kinda want to get this series over with as soon as possible. Wins would be nice, but I’m not picky at this point.