Sunday, May 04, 2008

Game 33: A Sweep For A Sweep

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 7, Tampa Bay Rays 3

You may remember last week when the Sox were struggling against a frisky Rays team that held them to 5 runs in the series and had a “We are the real deal” swagger. Well payback is a bitch.

The Red Sox capped off this three game sweep with a gutsy big bat game backed by another great start from Jon Lester. He still threw a lot of pitches early, but you have to love the turnaround this guy has had. I was calling for his head early in April… and he now seems to be a decent part of the rotation. Refreshing.

And once again the bats showed up. Big hits from Manny and Youk and some killer speed from Lugo, Coco and of course Jacoby Ellsbury. The Sox completed 2 double steals in this game and Jacoby was part of both of them. Everyone on the NESN broadcast is looking around and asking when the last time that happened… and nobody has a clue. Sox and speed is such a foreign concept.

So now the Sox start a big 10 game road trip. The sweep is a great way to leave Fenway and I hope they are able to take that momentum with them.