Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Game 26

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 6, Cleveland Indians 7

Perhaps I should consider doing a penance. I'm thinking something involving a hair shirt, or maybe the sacrifice of a goat during a full moon. What exactly appeases the baseball gods anyway? A burnt offering of Manny's batting gloves and a copy of the "Cowboy Up" video? Maybe that's the Yankees secret. Somewhere in the bowels of The Stadium Mad King George presides over an altar that burns the corpses of those who have failed him and is continuously fed by Bud Selig. Maybe Contreras is going to be fed to that altar next.

Such bitterness. I had a dream last night that one of the Red Sox roster (I think it might have been Timlin) drove by me while I was walking down the street, beating his fists against the steering wheel and shouting about "six in a row! six games in a row!" Since the loss streak is currently at 5, I can only hope that this was some sort of mistake made by my oh-so-tired brain and not a form of prophecy. All is not lost yet, though. It's not as if there was no hitting last night; the Sox certainly pulled off one of their almost trademark 9th inning rallies - even if it didn't get them over the top, it's certainly a good sign (ah optimism, my beautiful, beautiful friend. You will save all in the end). I have my hopes they'll regain their stride tonight.

Later, all. (with feeling, now) YANKEES SUCK!