Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Game 44

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 12, Oakland Athletics 2

Well, clearly the vaunted match up between Hudson and Schilling wasn't. Because of the hype surrounding this series ("the first time the Red Sox and Athletics have faced each other since the post-season last year!"), ESPN was kind enough to broadcast the game on ESPN2 (something which I predicted without looking at the schedule) and I was able to watch the game for once instead of just listening to it. The broadcasters (who to a man were turning the game into a glorious Red Sox love-fest) seemed to feel that it was the bitter Boston cold that took the edge off of Hudson's stuff, although Hudson was quoted on the Athletic's site as saying that he just had an off night. Schilling was on fire both on and off the field - he had an inning long monologue with Ortiz after Ortiz was called out on strikes in the seventh, after throwing 113 pitches over eight innings. Manny and Ortiz did a little dance at home plate after Manny hit a home run. Mark Bellhorn nearly hit for the cycle. The young blood was in full force last night, with appearances last night by Kevin Youkilis, Lenny Dinardo, Jamie Brown and Andy Dominque.

Youkilis is apparently going to have to get used to that third base position, since Bill Mueller is out for six to eight weeks for arthroscopic surgery on an arthritic knee. Guess it's a good thing he went in for a second opinion, eh? Then there's our old pal BK Kim, who's flown back to Korea to see a doctor about correcting an "imbalance in his legs." I would say that Kim is suffering from Ramiro Mendoza syndrome, but he's supposed to be back in five to seven days. We'll see, I guess. Rumor also has it that Trott Nixon (remember him?) will be coming back soon. YANKEES SUCK!