Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Game 33

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 5, Cleveland Indians 3

Ah, Pedro. Ah, Cleveland bullpen. That's the sort of game we expect out of you. I want to put forth the theory that Pedro's arm is full of reptile blood, giving him the ability to strike quickly, like a snake or the jaws of an alligator, but only when warm. I'm imagining some sort of hidden compact for justice whereby Pedro was juiced up in an underground lab full of freedom fighters in an effort to save the world from further Yankee championship titles. Can you tell I haven't gotten enough sleep lately?

Meanwhile, Kim is back in Pawtucket. writer Ian Browne pointed out today that Kim only has 16 starts out of of 295 appearances, which I guess gives Kim the benefit of the doubt, especially from the point of view of the Red Sox management. One wonders, however, if Kim's place was in Arizona, not here in Boston.

Sports Center this morning put forth Schilling as a Cy Young candidate. I love it when journalists make blanket statements, especially this early in the year, although it's certainly pleasant to watch footage of Schilling strikeouts while they make those statements. From my understanding the whole Cy Young award is based on wins (and thus run support) anyway. Eh, what do I know. Good on Schilling, I hope he does win.

Contracts again (I was discussing this the other night, so it's on my mind): Pedro and Veritek are both no-brainers. But if you had to pick between Nomar and Lowe, who would you pick? I've heard rumors that Lowe is already pissed off over the Schilling acquisition anyway and he's certainly having a mixed year so far. Nomar is an unknown at the moment and is going to be so for the next half month. Fundamentally, I'd pick pitching over hitting, especially since we already a technically better defensive shortstop in Reese, but then there's the question of Lowe's effectiveness...Ok, no answer this time either. I know, I'm terrible.

I'll be back tomorrow for more fun and YANKEES SUCK!