Monday, May 10, 2004

Games 29 - 31

Final Scores:

Game 22: Boston Red Sox 7, Kansas City Royals 6
Game 23: Boston Red Sox 9,
Kansas City Royals 1
Game 24: Boston Red Sox 4,
Kansas City Royals 8

Not a sweep, but not bad, either. Heck, Schilling's performance is probably more on par with "the party that rocks the body." Remember back in the off-season when everyone was saying how Schilling was going to be the perfect competitive foil for Pedro? See how well it's working? Awesome.

Then there's Pokey Reese and his record breaking antics. And a friend of mine calls him a secondary ballplayer. Shame on you.

My father, in his wisdom, has begun to question whether or not Schilling has taken the title of ace away from Pedro. seems to agree, but that might just be a question of word usage. I'm reserving judgment on this one - a cop out, perhaps, but it's early yet in the year. Besides, let's look at the facts. Yes, Schilling's had the better year this year (lower ERA), but both pitchers are 4 and 2 and pitching well. Maybe this is some form of release (a part of the grieving process, if you will), since it's unclear at this point if Pedro will be in a Red Sox uniform next year. This whole contract dispute has brought up a worry in my mind - that if this does turn out to be The Year, the ownership will just pull an Angels in the off-season and drop those parts of the team they haven't signed already. Of course, I think John Henry and Co. probably enjoy walking the streets of Boston unmolested, so this is probably an unnecessary worry. Besides, I think the Patriots have proven how much fun it is to keep winning.

for consistency's sake: YANKEES SUCK!