Friday, May 07, 2004

Game 28

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 5, Cleveland Indians 2

Red Sox split the series and restart their momentum coming back into Fenway. Pedro silences the criticisms of the "Red Sox Nation" (is that like the Kiss Army?) by striking out 8 and bettering his record to 4 and 2. Hell, the Yankees even lost. I would say a full scale recovery is in process.

Apparently Rickey Henderson is making a bid at coming back to the majors. This was a man who was a part of the Oakland teams that gave me creeping horrors back in the late 1980s and I gotta give props to a guy who isn't ready to quit from baseball at age 45. And really, why shouldn't he? If he's still having fun and hasn't broken himself playing all this time, I say rock on. There's too much worship of the youth culture in this society.

I'll be back on Monday with all the fun from this weekends games. And lest you forget: YANKEES SUCK!