Thursday, May 20, 2004

Game 40

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 4, Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1

I'd say Schilling's an excellent recovery from last week...something about the warmer climate, perhaps. The offensive did its thing, the playing level was at a proper intensity; it even slightly edgy a few times. Excellent game overall.

For reasons unknown, WEEI was not broadcasting online tonight, so I was forced to listen to WFLA to get my Red Sox fix. The Devil Rays announcers amuse me to no end - I think it's partially because it's clear they realize their team is not that good so their broadcast was full of a certain awe for the opposition - I don't think I've ever heard Joe and Jerry praise Schilling's abilities nearly as much as these guys did. It probably doesn't help that the majority of the crowd at Tropicana Field tonight was part of Red Sox Nation - it got a bit confusing trying to tell what happened based on crowd noise.

I'd like to close this evening with two quotes:

"Oh man Schill did great and Folke got the save and Manny hit one out.... that's like the Trifecta!"
- Robin

"[The Red Sox fans at Tropicana] will soon be turning to the national anthem of Red Sox Nation, which is directed at the Yankees..."
- Tampa Bay Announcer Charlie Slowes

Yes, Charlie, I believe the phrase you're looking for is YANKEES SUCK!