Sunday, September 04, 2005

Game 135: The Infernal Feast

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 5, Baltimore Orioles 1

This one had all the makings of a heartbreaker. Lopez was living up to his name of “Red Sox Killer” and didn’t allow a base runner until a single by Ortiz in the 4th. Then something really strange happened. Right before he pitched the bottom of the 5th, Lopez was greeted by Lucifer himself. The Dark Lord looked pretty upset and appeared to rip up some sort of contract and throw it in the face of crafty right-hander. That little display seemed to unnerve Lopez who gave up 5 runs that inning; including a 3 run blast form Olerud who is channeling the power of the sun he is so hot right now (.571 avg 3 hr 11 rbi on the home stand) .

That’s all the support Wells needed. He went the distance and tore through the Orange Birds lineup like they were a Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s. I think Wells was just relived he didn’t have to start the 12:05 makeup game tomorrow. The only thing higher than his ERA in morning starts is his blood alcohol content.

Taking a rare day off, Varitek (who looked banged up last night) let Doug Mirabelli catch someone BESIDES Tim Wakefield. An ecstatic Mirabelli showed his happiness with his bat by legging out a double in the corner. Just amazing. I agree with the RemDog who quipped: “This may be the fastest human being on the face of the earth.” The double by Mirabelli would have been more picturesque if a tiny Indian Jones wasn’t running in front of him.

Tomorrow is the aforementioned makeup game against those other Sox without color guard bleach. They really screwed everything up by not forfeiting that game like they were supposed to. Well, the jokes on them because they have to fly from Chicago to Boston and then BACK to Chicago in one day. Oh, and they have to play some baseball too. On Labor Day at 12:05 it’s Schilling, McCarthy and me with a bowl of Lucky Charms. GO SOX!