Friday, September 02, 2005

Palmeiro Wusses Out

So not only is Sidney “Pontoon” Ponson a free agent as of yesterday – the Orioles citing his recent DUI as the recent to break his contract, but Rafael Palmeiro won’t be playing in the series this weekend.  The Cheater is in Baltimore, “nursing his ankle and knee.”  Because the boo birds were so bad in Oakland (no surprise) and Toronto (and you know things are bad when you’re booed in Toronto) that he reportedly wore earplugs for at least one game, I doubt that Palmeiro is really that hurt – he just doesn’t want to get well-deserved smoking that Boston fans are dying to give him for his crooked performance last time the Sox were in Baltimore.  Wimp.

Sidney Ponson is an attractive pickup for any team that needs an emergency starter. However, they may need a construction crane to MAKE the pick up. Also, his contract stipulates that he be paid in Wild Turkey and replacement livers.

tags: baseball | red sox | orioles | sidney ponson | rafael palmeiro