Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Game 152: Torches And Pitchforks

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 4, Tampa Bay Devil Rays 7

Some people here to see you, Mike

Angry Members of Red Sox Nation: “GET HIM! Bring him out here! We are gonna string him up!”

Me (For Some Reason): “Woah woah woah. What seems to be the problem?”

RSN: “Problem? We’ll tell you the problem: he blew it! We should have won that game and that overused, washed up, converted closer totally blew it!”

Me: “Who, Mike Timlin?”

RSN: “Yeah TIMLIN! We want his head!”

Me: “It doesn’t all fall on the head of Timlin does it? I mean we could have scored more runs. Manny didn’t run out a ball he hit to Kazmir in the first, Ortiz and Renteria hit into double plays, and there were 10 men left on base. Besides that, it was one of the weirdest lineups Francona has ever penciled in.”

RSN: “That doesn’t matter! We were winning before that joker came in. WE WANT TIMLIN!”

Me: “Well doesn’t Wakefield share some of the blame? He didn’t have his sharpest stuff tonight. 4 of the earned runs were his. What about Francona? Maybe he shouldn’t have put Timlin in.”

RSN: “Yeah maybe, but one of the runners Timlin inherited WITH 2 OUTS! That same inning he allowed 3 more! It was 4 straight hits before an out! Francona was right to go to him, that’s Timlin's freaking job…he just blew it! BRING US MIKE TIMLIN!”

Me: “Aren’t you guys over reacting? It isn’t the end of the world is it?”

RSN: “The Yankees won. We have fallen out of first place.”

Me: “Timlin huh? Just a sec. Let me go get him.”

Timlin (Looking Scared): “Uhhh Go Sox?”