Monday, September 26, 2005

Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

Crap. Now that really complicates things. The called game means a day/night disaster with Wake in the first half and Schilling in the second. 3 days later Wake goes AGAIN (vs Big Unit… lets hope it goes better this time around) and Schilling gets the last game of the regular season on normal rest. Meanwhile, the Yankees BEAT THE TAR out of the hapless Orioles. You know it was an 11-0 blow out because Embree…
Wait, make that an 11-2 blow out…
Well Ok, an 11-3 blow out and Embree is the 9th inning goat? Man I am happy we got rid of him.

So the Sox are in second place again and waiting to catch up. Still 7 more games people. Lets try it again. LOAD IT UP! Wake vs Bush @1:05 then Schilling vs TBA @7:05 weather permitting.