Sunday, September 18, 2005

Game 149: Who Are These Guys?

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 3, Oakland Athletics 12

The New Red Sox Bullpen Car

Oh God turn it off!! It was a massacre. The Sox lost by 9 runs but it wasn’t even THAT close. Down 12-1 in the 7th inning, AA Portland was now basically in the field for the last game against non AL East teams. By then the lineup looked like this:

Hyzdu LF-CF
Petagine LF
Shoppach DH
Mirabelli C
Nixon RF
Machado CF-SS
Olerud 1B
Graffanino 2B
Cora SS-3B

Except for Nixon, Olerud and maybe Graffanino, it’s the all scrub team and there was nobody left to play. Francona was so lonely in the dugout it looked like he was picked last in kickball. If Nixon stubs his toe, I am shagging fly-balls in right field. Now that would be ugly.

Sox did manage 11 hits (only 6 by starters) and made the weakest attempt at a comeback ever. What can you expect from a group of guys that were riding minor league pine, DFA’ed by another team or playing in Japan a few months ago? A horror show.

How did this happen? Blame it on the pitcher. That is the second unwatchable start from Clement in a row. 5 hits and 3 runs before the first out is a great way for me to break a TV and for him to get left off the playoff roster. But the crap continued to flow downhill as his replacement, Jeremi Gonzalez had a lovely 5 run fifth that caused blood to shoot out of my eyes. I guess the good news was that Foulk, DiNardo and Harville combined for 4 scoreless innings against the A’s second stringers and players wives. Good for them!

The Yankees finally lose one (still 1.5 back) and we are treated to this mess. If the season ended today Red Sox win the division and Yankees miss the wild card. But guess what? Still have 13 games left. Feel free to chime in, but I think they have to go 10 and 3 to be safe. Ugh. I need a break. I need a nap. Someone shake me in October.