Sunday, September 25, 2005

Game 155: Going Home

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 9, Baltimore Orioles 3

There's nothing like it

Big win today. The bats are as healthy as ever and Manny is apparently, being Manny. Wells pitched 6 strong innings (but may still have a hurting knee) and even without Foulke, the bullpen looked almost halfway reliable... maybe. In the end, Baltimore rolled over* and the brooms saw some action. The only problem is that a BIG win doesn’t matter much without a BIG loss from the ever beloved Yankees. However, the Blue Jays appear to be saving all their power and vitriol for the Sox and couldn’t pull out a win. So where does that leave us? Tied? Yep. Frustrated? Sure. In trouble? Not really.

The way I see it, the Red Sox have 7 home games. The Yankees have 7 away games. I like them odds. The Yankees and Red Sox are both barely over .500 on the road. Unlike the Yankees though, a lot of “home” has been following the Sox around. Part of the GLORY that is Red Sox Nation is that we seem to fill any empty seat wherever we play. Camden Yards is being called “Fenway South” but I didn’t remember any “Lets Go Yankees!” chants last time they stopped in Baltimore.

So I wonder how many Toronto and New York fans are going to make it to Fenway for the final 7. I bet if they all travel together they can drive in the carpool lanes.

Bring it on bluebirds. Schilling vs Bush (giggle) 7:00 at the Fens.


*Is any team MORE done than the Orioles? Sosa is done, Palmerio is done (forever?) and everyone else is playing like they have something better to do after the game. I just hope they can win ONE freaking game this week. Man... mope on your own time losers.