Friday, September 30, 2005

Game 159: Tell Your Kids

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 5, Toronto Blue Jays 4

-Red Sox Nation

When Ted Williams first came to the plate, my father wasn’t born. When Jim Rice first came to the plate, I wasn’t born. When my child (ok, in the future damn it) watches baseball, he/she won’t know about David Ortiz from first hand experience. However, he/she will know his name. I will make sure of that.

The greatest clutch hitter of my time happens to play for my team. I don’t know what to do with that knowledge. I don’t vote for MVP’s. I don’t have a say in who wins trophies. I am not even certain the Red Sox will make the playoffs this year (although I “believe” they will). All I know is that David Ortiz would rather lie down in traffic than let his team lose a game. It isn’t about his accomplishment when concerning the rest of the league (both the Yankees and Indians won). It’s not about how the rest of his team is doing (Manny and Papi had 5 hits combined, the rest of the team also had 5 hits combined). It is about what can be done for the win. You need a run? He has it in his pocket. You need a RBI? He will bring one to you. His amazing ability to place the Sox into a winning position makes words almost useless. Bill Simmons wrote a column about how he thinks Ortiz should win the MVP, but in the long run, won’t remember if he gets screwed over. I have to disagree. I KNOW I will remember. In fact, I feel awkward even writing about it. I mean… what can you say? No, really tell me! I don’t know what to do here.

Should I move on and talk about the rest of the game? It was good, but not great. Clement pitched well enough to lose (4 earned runs in 5 innings), then Myers and Papelbon proved that the Sox bullpen are not all a bunch of losers (Bradford and Harville) or desperate pickups (Mike “freaking” Stanton). On the offensive side, Manny contributed with a 2 run shot and would be receiving my total admiration if it wasn’t for Ortiz. Big Papi, AL MVP, hero of Red Sox Nation, clutch hitter supreme, all around nice guy, and best sandwich maker EVER! Sorry, I digress.

This season is FAR from over. The AL East leading Yankees come into town for 3 games and they happen to be the last 3 games of the regular season. Win all 3 and the Sox win the division. Win 2 and there is a one game playoff (in Yankee Stadium). Win 1 or less and it’s Wild Card or bust (Indians say: “bust”). Wells vs Wang @7:05.

Just keep it close Wells. Papi will know what to do when it’s his turn. I believe in him. We all do.