Saturday, May 13, 2006

Game 35: Wash Out

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 0, Texas Rangers 6

Oh Kameron Loe, with your above-average ERA, your also above-average WHIP and your win/loss record that doesn’t mean squat out of context but is also not so impressive, your goofy California grin, your big words, and your small, difficult words…why, why, why must you make your bid for admission to the Rodrigo Lopez Club? Why, when the Red Sox seem to have finally evicted the founding member of the club (knock on wood), do they feel the need to add another pitcher to the rolls? Things started off so well, too…

There might have been a tremendous fog over the field, but first inning, Youk starts things off with a single. Sure, Loretta wiped the bases with a DP shortly afterward, but Big Papi worked a walk, fouling off pitch after pitch until Loe lost the battle with a pitch outside. Manny might have struck out to end the inning, but by God, there was hope. And then Matt Clement stepped to the mound to start the second inning.

Staking Loe to a one-run lead was a poorly thought-out strategy. Staking him to a four-run lead after three innings was like the baseball equivalent of Pickett’s Charge: a very, very bad idea that bore naught but ill fruit for those who attempted it. Ok, I’m being a little over dramatic. Clement gave up four runs on six hits in five innings; Mike Holtz put on the finishing touches with an additional two runs in the sixth, while Loe proved himself a mud-runner and scattered five hits and a walk over five innings without surrendering a run. The rain washed away the rest, unfortunately after the game became official.

Tomorrow night, rain depending, game two featuring Lenny DiNardo versus John Karonka. Let’s get this one back, boys. GO SOX!!!