Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Game 36: Hi! Remember baseball?

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 11, Baltimore Orioles 1

Lopez does a poor rain dance

Even though the East coast is underwater, the Red Sox were able to evacuate themselves down to Baltimore and managed to get a game in against the (well let's just face it) totally mystified Orange Birds. 10 run difference? Ahhh I like it. After a long break, the pitching and bats were eager to beat up on the hapless Icterus galbul.

Beckett is doing his best to make himself the ace of this staff. After a slight “oh no” homerun from Tejeda in the 1st inning, the rusty nail eating, fire breathing JB reared his head and only allowed one more hit, no walks and 6 K in 7 innings (on only 80 pitches). He might have gone longer but there was some concern about blisters on his hand. Frankly, I don’t think this could be too big a problem. Get some crazy glue and sand paper and rub those things off. That’s what they did to Tavaraz’s face and
he turned out fine. Speaking of the ugly devil, he and Foulke cleaned things up nicely in the 8th and 9th.

However, this game wasn’t all sunshine and smiles. During a somber ceremony in the 5th inning, after getting torched for 8 runs, Rodrigo Lopez was stripped of his “Sox Killer” membership, ID card and parking pass. I couldn’t get a good angle from MLBtv, but I think I saw Ted Lilly and Scott Kazmir kick the crap out of him and roll him into a gutter by the Camden Yards garage.

Nobody wants to see that type of brutality, unless you happen to be in the Red Sox line up or a Boston fan. Wily Mo, Tek and Lowell all went deep tonight and of the 13 hits the Sox got, 6 were for extra bases. They even were consistent with runners in scoring position and only left 6 on base. You know, it’s really hard to complain about these blowout games… but let me try. Ummm… damn why did Lowell not get a double? Just a triple and homerun huh? I knew he was finished. Totally over the hill. Yeah… this is not working.

Anyway, tomorrow is another wonderful game against Baltimore (biblical weather permitting). Schilling vs Chen. GO SOX.


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