Monday, May 22, 2006

Game 42: The Crumbling Empire

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 9, New York Yankees 5

A view of the remains of Yankee Stadium

It was hard not to giggle (impossible for me) while watching the Yankees limp into Fenway for this three game series. The Yankees have a ton of guys on the DL (Matsui, Sheffield, Sturtze, Pavano, Dotel, Crosby, Chacon) and I know you want to beat a team at its best, but this is the YANKEES. The “Evil Empire”, the rival, the adversary, the nemesis. They are too good and too rich to feel sorry for. Besides, the Sox have DL problems too (Coco, Riske, Wells) and they garner no sympathy. So the Yankees need some extra help in the outfield. Boohoo. They have all this money and who do they get as a secret weapon? Terrance Long??? He’s still playing? Yikes. Well, the only compassionate thing to do is destroy a lame animal when it’s beyond all hope. Lucky for Barbaro he should be ok… too bad about the Yankees.

Tonight Schilling was the surgeon with the shotgun. He only had 1 earned and 5 hits over 8 strong innings with 6 K and topped out at 99 pitches. He spotted his fastballs, he worked in some sick curves and got players to swing and miss (something he had trouble with in pervious starts). He baffled the depleted Yankee lineup and he even looked a little like the 20 game winner he was two years ago. It was a monster game by Schilling for his 7th win.

Unfortunately for the Yankees, like the only male in the “Self Defense for Women” class, Wang got hit… and hit hard. In the 3rd with two men on, Papi got turned loose on a 3-0 count and belted a 2 RBI single. Manny added 2 more runs with a BLAST to centerfield. Wang was rubbed the wrong way again when 3 more runs came across in the 7th inning. The Sox topped off the score at 9 in they got 2 more off rookie Colter Bean in the 8th (another Lowell double).

At 9-1 the game is O-V-A= over so Francona feels it’s safe to unleash the lackluster Keith Foulke. Now watch as my mental state deteriorates:

The A-Rod 2 run shot. 9-3.
Haha! Way to go “Mr. March”! Real clutch.

Next pitch Posada homer. 9-4.
Ummm that sucked. Keep her steady Keith.

The Cano double.
Hey Francona! Maybe you should warm Papelbon. Oh you are? Then why are my teeth still clenched?

The Bernie Williams RBI double. 9-5.
AHHHH!! Kill him! Kill him before he kills me! Foulke and Seanez have made it their nightly quest to drive me from beer to liquor.

Long flies out to end it.
Oh thank you sweet Jesus. The Empire falls another game back and I can breathe again. Why do you have to make it so hard? Let’s have a nice and easy one tomorrow, ok Wake? GO SOX.