Thursday, August 02, 2007

Game 107: Baby Come Back!

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 5, Baltimore Orioles 4

Oh that feels so good. Throw some Player on the hi-fi and listen to a golden oldie… cause any kind of fool could see, there was something in everything about you (man, I don’t think anybody is gonna get that).

70’s music aside, this was a fantastic win in a fashion I thought was no longer viable. With Tavarez making his spot start an exercise in stranding runners and Trachsel dealing (yeah Steve freaking Trachsel), I thought it was going to be another depressing night for the Red Sox. Honestly, I can’t even remember the last time they had a comeback like this. Was it all the way back to Mother’s Day? That’s awful.

Anyway, the Sox were trailing by 2 in the 7th when Baltimore picked some random guys off the street and decided to call them a bullpen. Seriously, Paul Shuey RETIRED 4 years ago (not a joke) and “Hanging” Chad Bradford was bad when he was on our team. However, even with the lower degree of difficulty the Sox have had trouble getting late runs. Not tonight thankfully. Papi, Youk (biggest hit of his season?) and Tek all came up huge when it mattered. The other big contributor Dustin Pedroia (still quietly having a ROY season) was 3 for 4 and had the other RBI of the night. Timely hitting from the Sox makes me smile like a curveball pitcher throwing to Wily Mo.

Great comeback aside, I think the biggest excitement came from the guy throwing out the first pitch. New Celtic Kevin Garnett threw a floater in to Ortiz and then came up for one of those big Papi bear hugs (he should raffle those off) and then I think he ended up pitching for the Orioles later in this game. Seeing KG there with Papi made me realize something… Minnesota must freaking HATE everyone in Boston right now. The Sox turned a Twins castoff into Big Papi the superstar, the Pats grabbed their former Vikings star wider receiver Randy Moss and now KG is a Celtic and the talk of the town. Kinda funny when you think about it… except if you’re from Minnesota. No hard feelings, ok guys?