Saturday, August 04, 2007

Game 109: Sucking in Seattle

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 4, Seattle Mariners 7

I don’t know what the problem is with Safeco Field. Is it the long flight over? Is it the horrible 10:05 start? Is it the rainy Seattle weather? Is it all those coffee houses and head shops? Well, whatever it is, the Sox always suck when they go there.

I freaking hate it. We looked good starting off, stranding a bunch of runners but still putting up a run an inning… but then Lester fell apart, Timlin followed suit (thanks for the crappy defense) and those jerks in grey and sea foam green uniforms jumped all over us with both feet. What the hell? How do they take us down a notch so effectively?

So going into a no win situation always stinks, but it must be so much worse for J.D. Drew right now. He made the flight all the way over after spending the week in the hospital with his infant son who just had surgery to fix the messed up bones in his hips. Good news is that the kid should be ok, but still… I bet the Drew is wiped out. If he manages to get a hit this entire road trip it will be a miracle and he should get a standing ovation.

Next up is Dice K who will try his hand a breaking this drought we have in the Pacific Northwest. We better get SOME wins here because the Angels are next and not any easier.