Thursday, August 02, 2007

Game 108: Bobby Doerr Day

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 7, Baltimore Orioles 4

Bobby Doerr Day? On what may be the great second baseman's final appearance in Fenway Park? You can't beat that karma, baby. You just can't. It was like the Yankees coming to Fenway on Ring Day, 2005; the Orioles should have just called a forfeit beforehand and saved themselves the time.

Instead, they decided to give it the old college try against Wakefield, going for win number lucky thirteen. Wake's been on a bit of tear lately, recovering from his early June eight-inning rock star showing (and subsequent two game slump) by winning four out of his last five innings and not going under six innings of work. Today sweetened the pot that much more by being his best outing in more than a month: seven innings, six hits, three runs and five Ks. A bit of a slip in the fifth inning - damn you, Aubrey Huff - but really, no complaints wanted or needed for today's job.

Meanwhile, the Sox pulled another turn-around from their collective hat, rocking the decrepit Orioles bullpen for four runs in the seventh to recover and hold the lead. And while credit must be given to the P-Dawg's two run double that put the icing on the cake (and saved Paps another appearance) for today's scoring efforts, the real stud was none other than the Stud Who Hits Bombs, Doug Mirabelli, sporting a shiny 3 for 3 with 2 runs day. And let there be no mistaking it: Dougie went deep today. Booyah.