Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Game 127: “I love Tampa” (not so much)

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 1, Tampa Bay Devil Rays 2

You can’t help but be in awe of Curt Schilling. He didn’t pitch today, he didn’t pitch in this series, and yet he manages to get everyone (including me) talking about him. On WEEI he mentioned that he wouldn’t mind being on the D-Rays next year. EXCUSE ME?? Curt… baby… sweetheart… would you mind shutting up for a few months till we get this season done before you talk about going to a perennial last place team? Yeah thanks bud. Oh, and while you’re at it… put a bid on Papi’s car so we can get that out of the way too.

Back to the game… the Sox played the last of this series in Tampa like they wanted to leave as soon as possible. In fact, I think they wanted to leave an hour before game time. Manny took the night off and Pedroia and Hinske were removed for an elbow bruise and leg strain respectively (both day-to-day).

Anyway, the Sox left base runners on with a fierceness and verve I have NEVER seen. Runners on in every inning, most of them are still there. 9 hits, 6 walks, 1 HBP and only one run?? That has to be some kind of freaking record.

Pitching-wise Dice-K looked amazing through his first few innings. Well placed pitches, strikeouts, the whole shee-bang. But in the 6th he gives up a 2 run homer to Upton and it’s all done! With this pathetic run support, 2 runs look more like 30 (oh wait… that was the Baltimore/Texas game... craziest thing EVER!!).

Timlin had some trouble in the 7th, but gets out of it with no damage (great throw home by Youk). Gagne was soooo close in getting his first perfect inning with the Sox, but managed to squeak a walk in there. But again, it doesn’t matter without the run support.

14 left on base. 14. That’s a big number. Couldn’t BUY a clutch hit? Well then I got something you can clutch. Just add this to the pile of games that make me sick to my ass.