Friday, August 24, 2007

Game 129: The White Sox are Bad at Baseball

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 10, Chicago White Sox 1

Maybe they should start a knitting club or something. I mean really. That’s NOT a good team. Schilling, although solid through his first few innings, didn’t seem to have his best stuff (or is that his best stuff now?) and fooled the Chicago hitters like they were a Japan little league team. He threw a ton of strikes, his location was superb and looked good enough to win… but as I said… Clement probably looked good enough to beat this White Sox team today.

The “pitching” we faced today wasn’t any crisper. The Sox ran the Dankes/Floyd combo through the slaughterhouse. Papi found his long ball, so did Youk, doubles from Lowell and Coco… even Cash got some freaking hits! Yeah, the 4th and 5th innings were just about as good as we get for scoring (oh, and the 9th inning of game one today). They did such a number on these guys that when Gagne came into the game, I didn’t even flinch! I guess the only down note would be my reaction to all this.

The Red Sox have been in such an up and down slump recently, my first assumption after rattling off two blowout wins isn’t that “Boston looks good” or “we look like we’re getting hot!” Nope. It’s that the White Sox should be run out of town for being such an embarrassment to the game. That’s not the guy I want to be. I don’t want to be the “oh… we suck and can only win if the other team is bad” kinda guy. So, I’m gonna shut up and let the Sox (Red) roll with this. Sweeping here shouldn’t be a problem for the caliber of team we put on the field. Let’s get these next two wins and then on to NY. Cause we rock. We are really awesome… yes… we uhhhh….

Awww who am I kidding? The White Sox suck hardcore! These next two games should qualify for assisted suicides if everything goes to plan.